HardyVAL CSP - Random testing kit

USP<797> requires that the number of viable micro­organisms in the air environment of the compounding area be evaluated. This test is to be performed at least monthly for low- and medium-risk preparations, and at least weekly for high-risk preparations. Hardy Diagnostics offers an easy way of accomplishing this using an impact air sampler.

Orum™ Trio Bas™ Biological Air Sampling

Hardy Diagnostics introduces the next generation of microbiological air samplers for viable particles.

•Available with one, two, or three aspirating heads. The Trio Bas Trio (3 heads) has the ability to sample before, during, and after operations.

•Bluetooth application for transferring data to PC or printer.

•Ergonmic - balanced, light weight, easy-to-hold and use.

•Aspirating head with quick bayonet fixing system for easy manipulation.

•IP65 protection from dust and water.

•Suitable for contact or standard agar plates (choose preferred unit model).

•Available in 100 or 200 liter per minute flow rate models, and contact plate or mono plate formats.

•No plugs or external connections - reduce the risk of contamination.

Additional Products

TSA (Tryptic Soy Agar)
For the cultivation of microorganisms. 15x100mm plate, refrigerate on arrival, order by the package of 10.

Catalog Number - G60
Price - $12.95

MEA (Malt Extract Agar)
For the cultivation and enumeration of yeasts and molds. 15x100mm plate, deep fill, refrigerate on arrival, order by the package of 10.

Catalog Number - W28
Price - $42.16

This compact incubator fits easily on most counter tops. The incubator holds a constant temperature to plus or minus one degree. It is made of powder coated steel and has an acrylic see-through door. It comes with two adjustable shelves. Capable of temperatures up to 60C. Capacity is 0.8 cubic feet. The inside dimensions of the chamber are 13W x 14H x 16D.

Catalog Number - 132000
Price - $655.58

True-Tempe Thermometers
These environmentally safe thermometers contain no dangerous mercury; instead they are filled with red spirit alcohol. For additional safety, they are encased in a Teflon coating to prevent breakage. Range is 18C to 50C, with 0.5C divisions. 135mm in height. The thermometer is sealed within a fluidfilled unbreakable bottle to prevent temperature reading fluctuations, due to the opening and closing of the incubator door. Attached magnet allows for adherence to the inside wall of the incubator.

Catalog Number - I0301S
Price - $71.73