Biological Indicators - SporAmpule

A Biological Indicator (BI) system ideal for monitoring steam sterilization cycles. Contains Geobacillus stearothermophilus spores. Gives clear, easy-to-interpret results. Purple to yellow color change or visible turbidity of processed ampule indicates sterilizer failure. Final results after 48 hours incubation in any dry block incubator operating at 55-60 C.

Liquid biological indicator

Catalog Number - BST100 | Price - $275 EA

Catalog Number - BST20   | Price - $57.20 EA

Additional Products

Heat Block Base (Analog)
Overall dimensions, 8x9-3/4x3-1/2, weighs 4 pounds, temperature range from +5 C to 150 C, uniformity within the block at 37 C is +/- 0.5 C. Heat block insert sold separately.

Catalog Number - 112001
Price - $433.02

Heat Block Insert
Heat Block for 20 tubes (13mm tubes) or SporeAmpules®. Dimensions are 3x3-3/1x2; the block weighs one pound.

Catalog Number - 110013
Price - $110.29