surface sampling

HardyVAL CSP - Random testing kit

Hardy Diagnostics offers a fast and convenient way to monitor the microbial bioburden of the work surface of your Laminar Air Flow Workbench and/or glove fingertips of personnel who compound sterile preparations. Contact agar plates are simply pressed onto the surface or glove fingertips, incubated, and colonies are counted.

Tryptic Soy Agar with Lecithin and Tween®
15x60mm contact plate

Catalog Number - P34 | Price - $26.09 (10 plates)

Catalog Number - P870 | Price - $57.87 (10 plates, triple bagged, irradiated)

Surface Sampling

Samples should be collected at least monthly for low- and medium-risk operations and at least weekly for high-risk level compounding operations.

surface sampling remove lid
1. Remove lid.
surface sampling press plate
2. Gently press plate to surface without twisting or sliding.
surface sampling incubate
3. Replace lid and incubate at 33 C to 37 C. After 48 hours, count the number of colonies.

Fingertip Sampling

Personnel monitoring (glove fingertips) is required to be done at initial competency evaluation and no fewer than three times before being allowed to compound sterile preparations.

1. Remove lid.

2. Gently press glove tips to plate surface.

3. Replace lid and incubate at 33 C to 37 C. After 48 hours, count the number of colonies.

Additional Products

This compact incubator fits easily on most counter tops. The incubator holds a constant temperature to plus or minus one degree. It is made of powder coated steel and has an acrylic see-through door. It comes with two adjustable shelves. Capable of temperatures up to 60 C. Capacity is 0.8 cubic feet. The inside dimensions of the chamber are 13W x 14H x 16D.

Catalog Number - 132000
Price - $655.58

True-Tempe Thermometers
These environmentally safe thermometers contain no dangerous mercury; instead they are filled with red spirit alcohol. For additional safety, they are encased in a Teflon coating to prevent breakage. Range is 18 C to 50 C, with 0.5 C divisions. 135mm in height. The thermometer is sealed within a fluid filled unbreakable bottle to prevent temperature reading fluctuations, due to the opening and closing of the incubator door. Attached magnet allows for adherence to the inside wall of the incubator.

Catalog Number - I0301S
Price - $71.73

Solar-Cult® Flex-Paddle, Surface Monitoring Slide
The surface monitoring slide is simply a two sided agar coated plastic paddle which is attached to the cap of a shatter-proof, optically clear, colorless plastic vial. To sample a surface, remove the cap/paddle assembly from the vial. Holding cap in hand, press the surface of the paddle gently onto the surface to be tested (paddle will flex to right angles with a gentle pushing motion). Incubate at 30-35 C. After 48 - 72 hours, count the number of colonies. Tryptic Soy Agar w/Lecithin and Tween 80 on both sides of the paddle.

Catalog Number - 68010
Price - $45.95

EnviroTrans™, Swab Kit Neutralizing Saline
(Pre-moistened, ready-to-use)

A ready-to-use swab and tube pre-filled with 5 mls of neutralizing saline. Simply remove the cap, which is attached to the Dacron swab. Collect your sample by swabbing the surface, recap, and send to the lab. The solution can be inoculated onto a Tryptic Soy Agar petri plate (Cat. no. G60). Incubate at 30-35 C. After 48 - 72 hours, count the number of colonies. Excellent for detection or enumeration of microorganisms from environmental surfaces, or areas where contact plates are not suitable.

Catalog Number - SRK55
Price - $137.10